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5-Day Tactical Tracker

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The Tactical Tracker Class is designed to teach visual tracking techniques that begin at the individual level and progresses to conducting a tracking mission as a member of a Tracking Team. Students who attend our 5-day class will receive our comprehensive Tactical Tracker Training. Students who complete the course will be presented with a certificate of completion & a Ulfhednar Life Tactical Tracker Patch. As well as an invitation to take part in our Counter-Tracker courses.

Class curriculum covers subjects such as:

  •  Tracking Terms
  • Basic Tracking Techniques
  • Human Gait and Track Interpretation
  • Visual and Non Visual Tracking Indicators
  • Factors that Affect Sign
  • Principles of Tracking
  • Track Pursuit Drill
  • The Goal of the  Tracker Team
  • Duties and Responsibilities within the Tracker Team
  • Tracking Formations and Movement Techniques
  • Lost Track Drills All of our classes are taught completely outdoors.  Students will be immersed in the tracking environment from beginning to end.  With that said, we hope all who attend are in good physical condition and able to walk every day 3-6 miles over various terrain.

All within a Simulated Tactical Environment!

Half of the cost is non-refundable as a deposit!