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Fireside with H.I. Wolf

Hi all; So I’ve been having a few fireside talks with the rest of the Training Cadre, and they all have sounded off with some pretty awesome ideas for upcoming training that will be offered by Ulfhednar Life and so I want to take a moment to give you some of the run down…


BEST stands for Basic Entry Survival & Tracking. What this means, is all of our BASIC courses rolled into 5 day long experience! Our BASIC Tracking, Fire, Water, Shelter, & Foraging; what better way to kick in the knowledge than by putting it all to work at once?!



TSAT stands for Tactical Survival And Tracking. This is a Top Tier course, in which we not only give you even more training than what you receive in the BASIC courses, but we also teach you the art of NOT leaving any sign that you were there. We teach you Counter-Tracking techniques, how to use minimum impact methods and much more.  Top notch instruction in a week long excursion to strengthen your skills.

All this, along with our normal 8hr, 3DayBasic & 5DayTactical courses are coming to you soon!

See you out on the Trackline!