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Tracker Ethics: Do Not Use a Tragedy to boost business

As many of you know, I’m a Tracker. As such, I follow the LIMITED number of other Trackers out there; mostly because as Trackers we all share our experiences, be it good or bad. It helps us all learn. We’re also GREATLY opinionated… We keep up to date on the latest SAR operations, Missing Persons etc. It’s not to just sit there and wish we got the call to go make more money, in fact it’s the opposite. MOST of us, wish that we could be in a place financially to go volunteer! Sadly the reality of the world doesn’t allow for us to just grab our gear & go all the time.

So like many of us, I’m enjoying my morning coffee & checking through the various pages I’m connected to in the Tracking & Survival world. I came across a rant by a Tracker that I learned from, which set my blood BOILING! It was about the SAR/Missing Person search for young Noah Chamberlain. In it the Tracker ripped apart the efforts of those involved in the search; claiming that the LEOs there failed due to lack of Tracker training… To my eyes, a SHAMELESS plug to their own Tracker School; this is NOT how all Trackers, nor Tracker Schools, think!

In fact, most of us followed the news reports in the HOPE that he would be recovered, alive! I know that I for one was wishing that I could make my way down to the area to lend aid!

I DO NOT hold it against the LEOs & SAR members there; I will NOT sit here & say that “if they had Tracker training…” There is NO such thing as a PERFECT Trackline! There will NEVER be 2 Tracklines the same! You’ll NEVER go into a situation that is the exact same as any other!

Do I believe that the personnel on scene did everything in their power, Yes! Do I believe that the LEOs who first arrived would have been able to do their job better if they had Tracker training, NO! They were, as they should have been in Crisis Calming mode. They reacted! They looked to see what if anything they could find! It is my hope that the Trackers & SAR Personnel on scene, did due diligence, got a Data Card with the LEOs print, and used this knowledge to aid them in finding sign of the missing boy. However not having been on scene myself, I can NOT say if this was done or not.

So rather than just attacking, or saying that “If they had been trained” or any other Spiel to boost their own business, I’d much rather have seen an offer to the LEOs; give them training at a discounted price. Is it really going to hurt your wallet that much?


R.I.P Noah Chamberlain

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