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Product Review: Camillus THRASH Folding Knife review


I like knives! I figure that statement alone makes you want to keep reading…

Today I’m going to talk about one of the many knives that I own. This one was a gift to me from a Brother who serves in the Ohio National Guard. It’s a common thing amongst service members to exchange knives and other things; this one was a nice one, which not many would give thought to. So let me get to explaining it, and who knows, maybe you’ll want one too:

The Camillus THRASH Folding Knife:

Titanium-bonded steel makes it 3 times harder than untreated steel

Camo tiger stripe folding tactical knife has a 3″ blade liner lock

Ergonomic aircraft-aluminum handle

Serrated lanyard hole

7.75″ total length

Comes with a Lifetime Warranty


I know, it doesn’t sound fancy, however when it comes to a knife, that you’re going to be carrying everyday & using in the field; fancy is NOT what you look for! The fact that it has a titanium-bonded steel blade means that it can take quite a bit of abuse, which is a good thing if all you have on you is a folder. The “tiger stripe” camo on the blade does keep that blade glare to a minimum. The one thing that I’m not a huge fan of is the fact that it has a serrated blade starting about half way up the blade.

Beyond that, it’s a damn nice blade. Nice weight to it & very easy to keep SHARP! So much so, that it’s a hard thing to not find it on me when I get up for the day!

Well, hopefully I’ve given you a new tool to look into.

For now, I’ll see you out on the TrackLine!

H.I. Wolf

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