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Grab life by the throat and drink it from the horn!

Our Services

Life Coaching

Many people have trouble addressing their needs to spouses, co-workers, bosses, and other significant people in their life. I assess their situation and desired goal, then help the client formulate a plan to get what they want out of life.

Aggression Management

It has been my experience that many people have trouble assessing the assertiveness skills and using them properly to modify results. A weak body equals a weak mind. The techniques I use can be used towards fitness or life style goals.

Traditional Viking Drinking Horns

Ulfhednar drinking horns are unique because they are traditionally sealed. I start with raw horns and painstakingly clean them in a multi-step process. I seal them with raw, organic, local beeswax and they are seasoned with only the finest drinks.

Survival Courses

Having these skills allows one to look at life situations in a very unique manner. Rather than living life on autopilot; you can address the actuality that life is a survival scenario. Not only do these skills help you prepare for the worst, they give you the ability to live everyday with alertness.

Tracking Courses

Ulfhednar Life teaches tracking because it is a dying art that is still needed today. From hunters finding their prey to missing person rescue, to fugitive tracking, people today put too much faith in technology. We need to get back to the basics.

Who We Are?

Find the Ulfhednar within! From the way you think, to how you eat & drink, we’re here for you! Join the pack today! Our staff is ready to help you find the safe way to let the world know that you’re not going anywhere, and that you are someone the deserves respect & help you show the world that you have embraced the Ulfhendar way of life with fine Traditional Drinking horns!

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